Lumina Experience

Every portrait created is made specifically with your family and your home in mind. Artwork is designed to reflect your family connections, personalities, and style to bring warmth to the home in which it will be displayed. A lot of thought and careful planning goes into each portrait session.

My approach to photography is natural, fresh and personalized. Capturing your important memories and creating your custom portraits is my goal. We work together to customize and to plan your session based on the memories you want to capture and how you want those memories displayed in your home. Computer hard drives fail and phones fall on the ground and break. Let's print your memories and display them in your home! Printed photos will last for a longer than ever-changing technology and you will be able to enjoy your portraits every single day.

Let me take you through the process. Read below to learn more about your custom photography experience.


Step 1:  Design Consultation

When you reach out to me as a potential client, we start the process by talking about your family and your goals for the portrait session, going over basic information about the Lumina experience, and scheduling a complimentary design consultation so we can meet in person and start to dive deeper. 

During the design consultation, you tell me more about what you want to capture during the portrait session and you start to envision how your portraits will be displayed in your home by viewing samples of my work and heirloom products. You see and feel the quality of the pieces in person.

After any questions are answered  answer your questions and we review the agreement, you hold your session date by paying the creative fee as the retainer. The consultation lasts about 30-45 minutes. 

Step 2:  Portrait Session

For family portraits sessions, there are many beautiful outdoor locations in Maine, New Hampture and surrounding areas. Lots of setting to choose from. Beaches or trails.

Sessions usually last about 1-1.5 hours.

My goal is to make the photo session comfortable and fun for your family. Even though I believe more in candid moments, I try to capture your connection in between moments. You will be guided through the photo session with coaching on how to pose and how to look your best in the photographs.Yes, even for those of you who say you are "awkward" in front of the camera. There are some little tricks that do wonders!



Step 3:  Gallery Premiere & Ordering Appointment


Following your session, your portraits will be carefully and expertly prepared for your gallery premiere and ordering appointment. That means removing any silly bloopers like sneezes, yawns, and closed eyes. A lot of attention and care goes into each portrait to create works of art for your home. 

Within days after your session, your Gallery Premiere and Ordering Appointment will take place in your home or at my studio in Wells. This is an exciting and often emotional time when you view the images for the first time and select your artwork. 

You will choose from a variety of high quality products, including albums, image boxes, wall art, table art, etc. You will have another opportunity to view my sample collection so that you can touch and feel the products and see how luxurious they really are. The best professional artisans and craftsman have been hand selected to ensure that your artwork is of the very best quality and can be enjoyed and admired for generations to come.

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